--- What is the NEU TRINO Label ? ---

Music and fashion cannot be separated. They influence each other.
The NEU TRINO label releases are not to be found in CD shops but in fashion shops.
The NEU TRINO label is striving to join the genres of fashion, music and art.
Recently CD shops refuse to stock CDs which are not of the standard size.
NEU TRINO on the other hand places great emphasis on stylish jacket art along with
music of good taste.

( World Photo Press/Mono Magazine 10-2, Page 17 )

The 2nd Album
[ Warning To Mankind / The Original Soundtrack ]

NEU TRINO'S second release is the soundtrack to
the imaginary retro-future movie of the same name.

Usually,the soundtrack follows the film. However,as NEU TRINO rebels against
the "usual" patternsm we have done the opposite.
The listener can build their own story from listening to the music.
The main character is the mysterious "ANA".

Strong visual points of reference during production were such retro-future films as
"Blade Runner," "Brazil," "2001."
The common factor running through these films is the "inobtrusive lead character,"
"an android with feelings," and "an answer which is not obvious."
What we wanted to express can be found in these films.

The artists on the album all have very strong links with NEU TRINO.
Bizarre TV Program, William J Bagnall, Lynne Hobday and the Venus Tea Garden
Orchestra, THE TERMINAL, NAILS. These artists are all somewhat mysterious. . . .

From July 1998 to November 1999, each artist worked on their own scenes.
However, the core to this album is the early 80's sound.
One should listen in particular to the double-edged sound of Bizarre TV Program.
Compared to their first solo album released on NEU TRINO, their new sound
appears to bemore pop-orientated. However, they are probably influenced
by such artists as Andy Partridge, XTC, Lol Creme and 10cc.

One again the jacket is extremely stylish in analog size.
This time trance-art has been used to enhance the rather pyschedelic, cult SF image.

We have produced this 6 track mini-album in the hope that the listener can
create their own imaginary world.
And we think we have succeeded.

*** NEU TRINO's Artists ***

Bizarre TV Program
Lynne Hobday & The Venus Tea Garden Orchestra
William J Bagnall

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